Storm DamageDamage caused by windstorms or tornadoes can run the gamut from being very minor to so severe that the home is rendered a total loss. On homes that can be repaired, it is extremely important that measures be taken immediately to minimize additional damage. From tarping your roof to boarding-up window openings, Expert Restoration Service is always available - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - to provide emergency services to protect your property.

Severe wind can also often cause damages hidden from routine inspection, such as split or twisted framing or misaligned walls. Regardless of the extent of damage, we are experts in providing emergency services and restoring your property with minimal disruption to your everyday life.

You can trust Expert Restoration Service to do the job right!

Expert Restoration Service is your best source for providing these necessary repairs. We are committed to communicating with you what is happening, at the time it happens. We work with insurance representatives, such as adjusters and agents, to ensure that repairs are completed correctly the first time and on schedule. At Expert Restoration Service, we are a network of dedicated people with a compassionate understanding of what you have gone through.

What can you do?

There are some steps you can take before we arrive. However, always put your health and safety first. Many of the injuries that occur from windstorms, tornados, or hurricanes actually occur during the clean-up process, well after the storm has subsided. Please do not take any unnecessary risks, but time is critical in minimizing additional damages.

• Contact Expert Restoration Service, we can work with your insurance company to ensure YOUR home and claim are priority!
• Report the damage to your insurance company as soon as possible. Most companies have a toll-free call center number or you can report the loss to your agent.
• If you have lost power, and it is safe to do so, remove perishable foods from your refrigerator and freezer. The odor created by spoiled food is usually impossible to remove.
• If you have not lost power, be very careful to watch for wires that may have been pulled down by wind or falling tree limbs.
• Keep a listing of anything you have discarded and receipts for any expenses you incur in protecting your property.
• If you must relocate, even temporarily, give your insurance company a phone number where you can be reached. You want your home back to the condition it was in prior to the wind damage.

At Expert Restoration Service we know just how to do that.

How can you help?

Your home has suffered wind damage, but you are headed in the right direction to determine what the next step is. Here are some tips to take to be better prepared for the next storm:

• Reinforce your garage doors to withstand strong winds.
• Glue your roof down. From inside the attic, apply construction-grade glue along the joints where the sheathing rests on the rafters or truss.
• If you plan on replacing your roof, have your roofer remove all layers down to the wood sheathing. Make sure rafters and trusses are securely connected to the walls. Refasten the existing wood sheathing according to builder-code requirements.
• Reinforce double-entry doors with heavy-duty foot and head bolts.
• Make sure screened porches and carports are properly fastened to the house.
• If your house has gable ends, brace them with anchored beams perpendicular to the truss.

Emergency Services