water extractionAfter flooding, the sooner a building is dried out, the better. The longer materials are wet, more losses occur and the cost of repair or replacement increases dramatically.

We are specialists in drying and flood recovery services.

Timely response and cleanup of water damage is critical to preserve structural components and prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Whether caused by a severe storm, a burst pipe, or malfunctioning sprinkler, flooding can be disastrous to your home or business.

We guarantee to respond to your emergency within 1 hour, every day of the year, around the clock. We send professional restoration technicians to help and minimize your losses. We will extract the water, pack up and store your possessions, if needed, and begin the professional drying process. We can help avoid costly and dangerous secondary damage, such as mold. We will evaluate the situation and determine the best course of action and combination of equipment needed dry your property efficiently.

Repair and Restoration

After the emergency, your property is stabilized and then we can begin repair and restoration work. We provide prompt estimates for repair and restoration, working with insurance adjusters to streamline the claims process. We oversee all phases of the reconstruction until your property is good as new - or often times, better than new. We meet the high standards of the National Institute of Disaster Restorations and have earned the designation of Certified Restorer, among other qualifications. Our work is backed by a comprehensive warranty program. Our very capable Project Managers and Construction Coordinators will communicate with you regularly and will oversee all aspects of the restoration.

After a disaster, we can remove or "packout" your possessions. Then we will expertly clean, deodorize, and store them in our climate-controlled vaults until you are ready for their return. Our employees are professionals and will treat your possessions with great respect. You'll find our technicians are compassionate in your time of need. From cleaning your property and contents, to re-building and helping you select the decor, we always strive to exceed your expectations. With 25+ years of restoration experience, our best compliments come from our happy customers.

Electronics and Data Recovery

Our division of Electronics Restoration Specialists prevents or minimizes damage to sensitive electronic products due to heat/smoke/water-related disasters. We repair, clean, and deodorize electronics, recover data from computer hard drives and protect them in our climate-controlled facilities.

Preventative maintenance services, as well as restoration services, are also available for computer systems, entertainment systems, surveillance equipment, robotics, medical equipment,and many other electronics.

Emergency Services