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Expert Restoration Service specializes in custom interior remodeling in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas. From simple yet elegant trims to complete interior remodeling, Expert Restoration Service is ready to work with you, your designer or, we can provide a consultant to create your desired look - FREE.

Our craftsmen are well versed in all types of high end interior remodeling. Whether you are a minimalist or want all the bells and whistles, we have the capability of bringing the design (yours or ours) to life with your interior remodeling project.

Part of understanding interior remodeling as a whole is to understand each element of a room and, of the entire home. Understanding how elements of each room will interact i.e., structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, potential furniture layout and proximity to adjacent rooms and finally where that room is located in relation to other components of the home are critical to understanding the proposed remodeling efforts contemplated. We understand these relationships exceptionally well and, are able to guide in the early design and feasibility process to avoid costly "discovered conditions", change orders, time delays and all of the other issues that can rear their ugly heads at the worst time in any remodeling or renovation project.

At Expert Restoration Service, we work hard to stay on top of the latest design and construction trends, methods and technological possibilities available to the most demanding of tastes. Today, through the technology of Control 4© electronic components, electronic operation of everything from light fixtures to television and sun shades are possible from either permanent wall fixtures or a simple remote control. Lighting moods can be established for all occasions - automatically. Imagine -- dinner guests arrive to enjoy a cocktail or two before the elegant meal that has been prepared in our newly finished kitchen. As the evening continues, the lighting automatically dims to an appropriate dinnertime ambience - all without you even thinking about it. At the same time the music (music that you just downloaded to the system when you left the room for a "little freshening") that your guests raved about during your cocktails comes over the invisible AIW Amina© speakers. Now, they quietly appreciate the subtle yet unmistakable elegance of the time spent in your home.

The years of experience and knowledge enjoyed by the Expert Restoration Service team makes possible the ability to provide our clients two options when presented with ideas for given rooms or the whole house. When we are not constrained by conventional resource avenues, we can just about make an elephant appear to hang from a kite string. In other words, the final result of the interior remodeling project would be limited only by your imagination and the constraints of time. Should you desire a better cost to value ratio, we would be able to generate enough information about the existing spaces up front so that we would never propose a design alteration that would become anything less than "on budget" anywhere along the process.

At Expert Restoration Service, we pride ourselves on the ability to complete the interior design intention on time and on budget every time. We believe our word-of-mouth client base is a good barometer of that track record. We are convinced that it is our knowledge of how all of the existing elements of your home work that allows us to propose changes that are in keeping with certain financial and time constraints. We know, for example, that removing a wall that currently contains the ductwork for the main return air back to the furnace or air conditioning unit may and, not considering how that change will affect the function of the mechanical system may forever adversely affect how the space is heated and or cooled. These kinds of issues would never even make it to the drawing board. After having met at the proposed site, our design/construction team would be able to say straight away "don't even go there".

In short, we are most confident in the resources we posses to provide you with the highest quality design and interior remodeling services whatever may be your goals and desires. When you are ready for the best, we will look forward to your call.