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Commercial Roofing Experts

Our roofing experts have the skills and experience necessary to tackle any commercial roofing project with industry leading efficiency. With our network of suppliers and roofing crews, you can rely on our experts to provide competitive prices and unmatched quality!

Roof Replacement

Expert Restoration Service understands the need to minimize disruption of your business activities and will recommend roof replacement only when repairs and restoration alternatives are no longer an option, or at your specific request. We take a proactive approach to roof replacement and we work as a team to keep things moving while anticipating issues such as daily business operations, environmental needs, inventory protection, tenant concerns, while providing the best solution possible for your roof replacement needs.

Roof Repair

Routine inspections are the key elements to extending the life of your roof system. Our experts find and solve minor problems before they become larger, more costly repairs. By the time a leak finds its way through the roof substrate to your ceiling where it is seen, there may be severe and costly damage to insulation, roof decking, and potential mold issues. Don’t wait, schedule routine inspections now!

When our experts are onsite they will look for these common problems and more:

• Natural deterioration of the membrane and flashing
• Blisters, bare spots, fish mouth and pitch pans
• Splits in roofing membrane or composite flashing
• Buckles, wrinkles or ridges
• Gravel stop joint breaks
• Minor slippage of roof membrane or flashing
• Loose caulking
• Loose metal flashing
• Debris, small branches, dirt or rocks
• Visually Inspect for positive drainage
• Examine all metal flashing and valleys for rust
• Review of maintenance and inspection reports
• Review of warranties and guarantees if available.

In the event a repair is needed, our experts will work with you to determine the most effective, and efficient next steps.

As a commercial building owner or as a facility manager, one of the most important things you need to have is a roof maintenance plan. A properly written and executed roof maintenance plan will extend the life of your roof by catching failures and areas in need of repair before it is too late.

If you manage an 11,000 square foot building, you can probably inspect the entire roof in a day and be very thorough. However, if you manage a 900,000 square foot building, that could take weeks to properly inspect. If your situation is closer to the latter, you may need to consider performing several small inspections throughout the year that eventually become a complete roof inspection. This simple program will prevent your roof from getting neglected and potentially save you thousands in roofing repairs or replacement and safety of human capital or inventory.

Work with our experts to determine the best, custom, solution for you - how often our experts will inspect your roof, what parts of the roof we will inspect, and what plan will be in place if we find any failures.

Get the right roofing services for your commercial property today! Schedule an inspection now!