doorsExpert Restoration Service repairs, maintains, and installs exterior and interior doors of every shape and size. Our professional Handyman Services increase your home's efficiency by replacing or repairing cracked or broken interior and exterior doors, including storm, sliding glass, French doors, and many others. We can also add value and curb appeal by either painting or installing the exterior door of your choosing.

Door Installation Makes Your Home Efficient

Improperly sealed doors cause air infiltration that raises your heating and cooling costs. For example, installing an exterior door without cracks, holes, or large gaps between the ground and the door will prevent heat or air conditioning from escaping. Also, proper storm door installation adds an additional layer of protection against escaping air.

When you notice your interior or exterior doors need a new coat of paint or replacement, call on Expert Restoration Service door installation services. We install doors of all shapes and sizes for a more efficient and valuable home.

Preferred Pet Door Installer

When it comes to pet door installation, Expert Restoration Service is a preferred installer of pet doors. These interior and exterior door installations are easy additions that help pets gain easy access to the garage, basement, and/or outdoors. This reduces door repairs by minimizing scratches and other damage pets often make.

Whether installing an exterior door for your cat, or adding French doors to your master bedroom suite, our door installation services provide quality work in just one phone call.


fireAfter a fire, we secure structures and prevent further loss. Our experts will evaluate the damage and formulate a plan for reconstruction, working closely with your insurance carrier throughout the process.



hail damageIn Indiana, the last few years has resulted in significant amounts of hail damage. Homeowners need to be proactive in checking for hail damage. Our staff can provide help to repair property that has suffered hail damage.



windDamage caused by windstorms or tornadoes can run the gamut. On homes that can be repaired, it is extremely important that measures be taken immediately to minimize additional damage.


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