Call Expert Restoration Service today to get on our FREE Emergency Recovery Plan (ERP) program or complete this ERP form and return it to us right now. With your key information, you will become an ERP preferred customer and we will respond to your emergency first 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even during times of high volume disasters.

Our ERP program is absolutely FREE. There is no cost to sign up. We will also provide you with as many wallet cards as you need to distribute throughout your organization's key personnel. Communication is a high priority in times of emergencies.

Businesses, schools, and institutions on our ERP (Emergency Recovery Preparedness) client list are always our first priority. By pre-planning and choosing us as your restoration contractor, becoming an ERP client, you can be assured that regardless of what else is happening, whatever the weather or circumstance, we will be there to help you during your crisis.

You won't let a disaster catch you off-guard as a member of our ERP program.

You will be protecting your business now, in advance of disaster. We never want you to be unprepared, we provide you with your very own printed binder Guides to Emergency Planning. As an additional service, we also researched some of the best planning guides provided to you online.

Emergency Planning - Residential

Emergency Planning - Commercial


fireAfter a fire, we secure structures and prevent further loss. Our experts will evaluate the damage and formulate a plan for reconstruction, working closely with your insurance carrier throughout the process.



hail damageIn Indiana, the last few years has resulted in significant amounts of hail damage. Homeowners need to be proactive in checking for hail damage. Our staff can provide help to repair property that has suffered hail damage.



windDamage caused by windstorms or tornadoes can run the gamut. On homes that can be repaired, it is extremely important that measures be taken immediately to minimize additional damage.


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