Often perceived as pranks, vandalism is really a serious crime.

Salting lawns, damage to trees, egg throwing, breaking windows, arson, breaking furniture, spreading noxious substances such as grease or excrement, spray painting buildings and vehicles, gluing locks, bashing mailboxes, tire slashing, damage to vehicles (such as "keying" paint), ransacking a home or business, flooding buildings by clogging drains and leaving the water running, are all forms of vandalism.

The Cost of Vandalism

Repairing damage to structures, covering graffiti, and restoration of ruined property can be costly, and are certainly not "planned" expenses. Among the ancillary consequences of vandalism are the changes to the atmosphere of a place...the impression that residents' in an area do not care about their neighborhoods or that the area is unsafe. Reduced use of damaged property such as public facilities, parks, schools, or transportation vehicles, that need to be cleaned of graffiti or need repair, which may put them out of service is another effect of vandalism.

Repairing and restoring property - Expert Restoration Service

If your home or business has been a victim of vandalism call Expert Restoration Service as soon as possible after contacting law enforcement. Once the insurance company assess the damage to buildings and items, we will work with them to complete restoration of your property to like new condition with our skilled and licensed crews.

Tips to minimize damage from vandalism

  • Contact law enforcement to report vandalism. They will gather evidence to help in the discovery of the identity of the vandals. If your home is the victim of being "egged", a common prank, hose the affected area immediately to minimize damage to paint.
  • Don't attempt to clean up paint, ink, or stains from unknown chemicals. Avoid contact with noxious materials.
  • For interior damage wipe up spilled food and liquid. Keep all pieces of broken items - your insurance company may want photos.
  • If your property has been flooded by vandals putting a hose through an opening or by clogging a drain and leaving water running which can cause water damage - turn off the electricity at the main breaker box to prevent electrical shock. If you are able, soak up as much water as possible with dye free towels or rags.
  • For structural damage such as broken windows, doors, drywall, contact law enforcement and immediately contact Expert Restoration Service secure your property, and deal with your insurance company to restore it to like new condition.
  • For damage caused by arson, call Expert Restoration Service immediately to repair smoke damage and char damage. Our licensed contractor crews have the proper equipment and training for this type of vandalism.


fireAfter a fire, we secure structures and prevent further loss. Our experts will evaluate the damage and formulate a plan for reconstruction, working closely with your insurance carrier throughout the process.



hail damageIn Indiana, the last few years has resulted in significant amounts of hail damage. Homeowners need to be proactive in checking for hail damage. Our staff can provide help to repair property that has suffered hail damage.



windDamage caused by windstorms or tornadoes can run the gamut. On homes that can be repaired, it is extremely important that measures be taken immediately to minimize additional damage.


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